Vertical Loading Bins


  • Manufactured according Rule UNE-EN 13071-1:2008 CE and UNE-EN 13071-2:2008 CE.
  • Capacity 3, 4 and 5 m3.
  • Jib crane collection: Double hook or Kinshofer.
  • Security platform to cover the hole when waste collection is carried out, avoid any risk for the walkers.
  • Platform with a hatch prepared if it’s neccessary handling or maintenance in the hole.
  • Finished in warm galvanized steel one piece stick-type or civil Works.
  • Riveted or welded bin, obey actual vigent rules.


















Ref.: S.13-5-R
Ref.: S.13-5-S
Ref.: S.13-4-R
Ref.: S.13-4-S

Ref.: S.13-3-R
Ref.: S.13-3-S
R= Remachado

S= Soldado





Body manufacturing with galvanized steel, joined with stainless steel rivets, high ressistance on its joined.


Body manufacturing with continuous welded given a greater structural rigidity and finished on hot dip galvanized.



One piece of Waterproofing concrete precast to lodge underground bins of 3, 4 y 5 m3.

Prefabricado de Hormigón para contenedores soterrados

Mechanic elevation system

Double hook

Sistema de elevación mecánica con doble gancho


Sistema de elevación mecánica Kinshofer

Collection process


Watch collection video