Underground Bins



  • Minimize visual impact, produced by bin spreaded on the streets.
  • Hygienics, conceal waste, prevent tampering by anyone other than collection services evitando su manipulación por personal ajeno a los servicios de recogida.
  • Low or no maintenance.
  • Road safety guaranteed.
  • Prevent to loose a large number of parking spaces.
  • Reduce number of bins installed on the streets, as well as number of elevations.
  • Maintain a healthy aesthetic for citizens, fulfilling commitments to the environment.
  • Avoid bad odors originated by waste, as well as searching by people and animals.
  • Prevents waste drop off bins for its large capacity, preventing the proliferation of parasites on the surface.
  • Simple, quick and safe handling, for user and for the Collection Services.
  • For all types of waste, depends needs of ubication, allowing the classification and selection of waste.
  • Reduce number of urban furniture on the street.
  • Allows children put down waste without risk of falling into the pit.


  • Resistant and big structural integrity.
  • Finishes: Hot-dip galvanized and powder paint Oxidon types A, B, C and D. Stainless steel AISI 304 types E and F, the termination of stainless steel can be matte or gloss.
  • Container box of batteries (optional) is placed on the back side. Capacity for 20 litres.
  • Industrial mouth for big producers. Mailboxes can be equipped with a bigger door to get industrial waste introduction more voluminous (optional).
  • The loading door of the bin for waste or glass can be included inside or outside.
  • Suction pipe for rainwater’s removal that may fall within the panel and precast, thus we’ve got removed water without removing the bin(optional).


Civil works

We develope manufacture, installation and civil work on our product. We take civil Works from first time to finish, since control, installation, and Start the bins. We are Manufacturers and Constructors, with public and private certification, classification on Consultive Council of Administrative Dealt of Spanish Economic and Taxes Ministry, authorized bellow item # 56175R.